Briefly hello !

Hello everyone,

My name is Claudiu and i am The main Developer for

Before you continue reading you ( The Reader ) should know and understand that i am a developer i

am not a writer so please be gentile. My writing skills imply brackets and comas.

Together with a business analyst ( The Critic ) we started building, a new online ( for

start we will have mobile apps and desktop version too. ) RSS reader.

This blog will be the main communication channel for everything about ( news, beta

releases, new people added to the project, final releases, when i had my last beer, and so on ).

I know there are some RSS readers ( and good ones ) but I think that they’re missing some cool

functionality that I’ve decided to build it for you. So this will be a new tool to read your online RSS

feeds + some extra features which i will tell you about later, in other words “an accepted challenge to

make your reading more refreshing” ;) .

Briefly” ( we should call it like that in our next posts ) should focus on readabilityusability and of

course good looking ( johnny bravo like good looking ).

I will use this blog to write and listen your opinion about “Briefly” because in the end this will be a

product built by you, with your most wanted ( yeah, yeah, nfs and stuff … boo hoo) features ( this will

probably be depending on financial stuff so don’t get to excited about features and keep your

panties on. ) and probably your ideas for a smooth design.

For start i will release the beta preview of “Briefly” with probably 5000 ( again, depending on financial

stuff ) accounts ( FREE accounts that is!!! ).

The beta version will have some decent RSS reader features, counting articles, sharing on social

networks, bla bla bla, that we’ll talk about it in a short while.

That been said i will leave you now waiting ( the ones that are interested in this ) and i will get my

@$$ to work.


Briefly” team.


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